Saturday, January 10, 2009

loveliness 17

Dear Diary, 

Today we went to St. Jacob's farmers market. I'm told that some of the mennonites bring their warez to market on horse and buggy. We did not go by horse and buggy. 

It was basically a good old time, involving looking at menno quilts,  looking at menno sausage, looking at the always mysterious menno donut machine, and (lining up for then) eating apple fritters. Mmmm hmmm....

It also involved buying a rabbit!!! No, not as a pet, but to eat!

Patrick bravely dejointed the beast. 

Well, it doesn't look good, but I am currently smelling one of the most delicious smells in my whole smell memory.  Mmmm... rabbit ragu.... NOM NOM NOM when will you be ready?


  1. oh yes yes yes
    Rabbit is the new other white meat.

  2. i didn't know that rabbits have bums.
    or that they would look like that in the maxin' an relaxin' pose. omg!