Sunday, January 11, 2009

loveliness 18

Today was one of those too-bright sneezy snowy days.  We took a 7K walk to the mall in a place where no one walks (Kitchener). It was simultaneously lovely and frustrating.  Why is it that roads are plowed so that cars can get around, but that sidewalks aren't? This is so simple. OK, this blog is only supposed to be about nice stuff and I'm complaining, but it just boggles my mind!  I can say that the St. Aloysius area (around the Church and school) was very well cleared of snow. Thanks guys. 

To make up for the complaining above (loveliness demerits), I will mention another loveliness... (perhaps 0.5 of one?) Taking the greyhound bus back from Kitchener via Guelph. That really was nice, passing the old Neeve Street house and seeing the city from the coziness of the bus.  

11:59 p-pow! 

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