Monday, January 12, 2009

loveliness 19

This is a little before and after. 


So what exactly are you looking at? Well, this is my handkerchief situation. Yes, I love handkerchiefs (handkerchieves?), but I have noticed that while it is very easy to find nice men's handkerchiefs, it is almost impossible to find women's handkerchiefs at all. Of course, this is one area where it almost certainly doesn't matter, but I love all that lacy flowery shit, and my Honest Ed's BEFORE stack wasn't cutting it. So imagine my delight when I chanced on these beauties care of the mennonites at the St. Jacob's market this weekend. Yeah, they know all about flowery women stuff, as evidenced by some the fabric I picked up there for the quilt (topic of a different post, at a different time...).  And not only that, but I was choosing from quite a vast selection of women's hankies. Yay mennos. This is my last post about the menno stuff, I promise. And, I did think about whether or not the three hankies would be in violation of the clothing diet (also subject of a different post) but I concluded that they were really more of a toiletry item than a fashion item. The good fash is just a bonus.

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