Tuesday, January 20, 2009

loveliness 27

There are lots of great things to say today. For one thing, the results of the forced ratification are in, with three lovely results:

Unit 1 voted no
Unit 2 voted no
Unit 3 voted no

YAY for us voting no-no-no to shitty deals! I'm still worried about the next few days, weeks and months, but I'm also hopeful. Maybe it has something to do with what seems like a rather auspicious day.

There were also a lot of new and/or unusual experiences for me today:
- figuring out how to make an annotated bibliography in LaTeX 
- listening to a whole presidential inauguration speech
- being moved to tears while listening to the radio (ok, it has happened before, but is infrequent enough to merit a mention)
- going to North York Centre station! I love visiting new TTC stations
- voting in a Ministry of Labour supervised vote
- taking a TTC shuttle bus between Sheppard and Lawrence due to "a track-level injury" at York Mills station. In all my twenty eight years of TTC riding I have never had to take a shuttle bus. 
- Tuesday ballet!
- en dedan pique turns! I can do them now, at least most of the way!


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  1. Well, in retrospect, a rejection of the offer presented is only a kind-of loveliness. Considering that York's bargaining team isn't coming back to the table today, they might decide to wait us out until the spring by canceling the summer term. Great.