Wednesday, January 28, 2009

loveliness 35

I am currently enjoying a very satisfying relationship with the Toronto Public Library. 

(Thanks to Wikipedia for this image, and also for choosing the Parkdale branch as the TPL prototype)

I order books, and the nice recorded voice lady calls me. Today she had several thrilling titles for me, including but not limited to: "Insulate and Weatherize," "Quick Guide Insulation and Ventilation," and "No-Fear Home Improvement: 100 projects anyone can do." Hmm. We'll see.

Last week I took a chance on one of their "best bets." It is only a seven-day loan, so you have to be kind-of committed. Well, my mom takes out about a dozen best bets at a time with no problem. But I don't read much, so.... 

Anyway, it was Douglas Coupland's "The Gum Thief" which was pretty much content-free so it wasn't too hard to finish in a week. Well, I read like half of it today (the day it was due). I did notice though that he has made a series of videos (ads, maybe?) about/for the book. In fact, I recommend the movie over the book in this case. 


  1. I plan to cram more pink foam into more holes in our walls this weekend.