Monday, February 2, 2009

loveliness 40

I have been singing that song, "back to life, back to reality" (ree AL ih tee) all day. It was nice to be back up at York though, there were little yellow signs all over the place that said "Welcome Back" in a cursive-type font. And there were plates of cookies too! 

One super nice thing was to go back to the Steacie science library. I picked up a book that I had been looking for: "Graphs, surfaces and homology." Usually I hate books that were typeset before the wonder of LaTeX, but this one is actually pretty special. Here is only a selection of the awesome hand drawn illustrations:

Returning to the "back to reality" theme, here is a write-up of the strike that I think is interesting. For one thing, the photos that accompany the article are awesome, I wish that I had that type of skillez (although they are blasted in the comments: "the campus doesn't look like an old sewage plant EVERYWHERE") . In general I haven't found the Torontoist's coverage of the York strike to be very good, mainly because their cooler-than-thou attitude really comes out in full force when faced with some of the union's activist antics. But this article points out the significant losses that all parties suffered in this dispute: York took a massive hit to their reputation, the students lost and lost and lost, and of course the technical losers, our own CUPE members.... whose losses are and will continue to be substantial and humiliating.

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