Tuesday, February 3, 2009

loveliness 41

Today I took the last seat on the 196 York Bus (it is a "rocket", actually) on the way to school.  Usually there is something wrong with the last seat, today it was that the two adjacent seats featured overflowers. In fairness though it isn't hard to overflow those little seats in the winter, what with the poofiness of everyone's parkas. But anyway, I wedged myself in there without really realizing what I was doing, and at first it was really uncomfortable because there was so much touching involved.  But then: 
a) I noticed that the guy to my right was reading a report on how mindfulness can help with skin clearing and psoriasis. It featured charts and graphs. The guy to my left was playing a fairly mindblowing circular version of pong on his iPod. 
b) I noticed how warm I was.... 
b') and how full of Jnet's delicious quiche I was.... 
and so I dozed off.... highly cozy in a weird public sort of way. 

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