Tuesday, February 24, 2009

loveliness 57

According to my notes, Thursday's lovelinesses were:
-  revisiting old themes (a repeated lovely, see lovelinesses 56 and 58)
- changing your mind about soup. I think this is more precisely about remembering how I changed my mind about soup. I remembered that on Thursday, mm hmm. 
- catching up with old friends, especially in situations involving confusion about grapefruits vs. grapefruit juice and also in situations involving soup or stew.
- cameras in tupperware!
- at the risk of sounding stuff-white-people-like-y, improvements to transit (yes sky train to the hairport)/other city's transit 

Also: visits to the Yaohan Centre in ditchmond, source of strange candies and Japanese pattern books. 

(Thanks to wikipedia for the image)

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  1. oh my, I had forgotten about the grapefruit misunderstanding. Lovely indeed