Saturday, February 28, 2009

loveliness 58

From the loveliness archives: Friday, Feb 20!

It is nice to think about other 365 day projects sometimes. This one was actually the project that inspired the 365 lovelinesses.  But my sister's 365 day project was The Original one in my memory. A self portrait every day, in ink on paper, and collected in a bookwork at the end of the year. It is ambitious and beautiful, and I feel lucky to have a copy (I also feel lucky to have a sister, but that is the topic of a different post...). 

It was especially nice to talk with Sara about this project (over sushi at the one and only Sushi Yama), and compare notes about these types of daily practice projects. The two most memorable things were: 
- not to worry about repeating things. Sometimes stuff is the same, and it just continues to be that good
- not to worry about the travel entries being different, or weird. That is what travel is, after all. Here are some sample entries from her travels, drawing the eye cavity, looking out:

On that note, the main source of the abundant loveliness of this day was still revisiting old places and memories and tastes (food memories are some of the very best kind). Also, walking 20+ km was pretty satisfying too. 

AND THIS HOUSE!!!! I have always loved this house, I have no idea why:

merci P for taking the picture....

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