Wednesday, March 4, 2009

loveliness 70

- Ankles getting better.
- Days getting longer (so much longer!).
- Funnie shadows:

- Cutting boards that feed birds:
- The fact that you can get instructions for the above, and it is described as a timesaver.


  1. Who sits on that recycling box, and uses that computer at the end? Is that really someone's desk?

    One loveliness is that you have a recycling box. Waterloo won't give out blue bins for offices (I guess they own stock in some landfill, or something).

  2. That would be cool, if that were a desk. But no, that is part of the math department computing program. They distribute several computers to each grad student office, for... office use. Otherwise known as space packing.

    And yes, the recycling bins are good, but it doesn't seem to matter what office I am in, it is always the case that both bins (garbage and recycling) are full of paper. Why?