Monday, March 16, 2009

loveliness 81

Oh dear! I feel like I should have a really good excuse for not posting yesterday, but in fact I don't. I was even awake for more hours than usual. It turns out that the Eggies didn't really produce any mathematics, they just gave me the choco-sweats and made staying up past bedtime much more fun. 

At some point yesterday we asked which is worse: to spend $4 on a movie you didn't watch, or $9 on a movie that you did. So we didn't return the overdue and unwatched Burn After Reading to West Side Stories, but we forgot to anticipate the next question: Now which is worse, spending $9 on a movie that you did watch, or $9 on a movie that you didn't?

This is all by way of saying that sometimes it is nice to stay up late when it is obviously a bad idea. 

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