Tuesday, March 17, 2009

loveliness 83

I spent part of this morning browsing around on the old MathSciNet. I love the experience of following all of the links and references and sleuthing around generally for ideas. I even found a few things that I have been looking for -- stuff that I invented vocabulary to deal with ('cause sometimes you can't find answers if you don't know what the right question is... this sounds more philosophical than I mean it to though) and now I have the right structures and words. It turns out that my definitions were fairly sensible! Yay me. 

Here is a map, for you but mostly for me:
my words --> their words
underlying graph --> static graph
graph on the torus --> periodic graph (why not?)
edge wrapping/topology --> edge transit vector 
path wrapping number --> path transit vector

noice --> noice
I realized yesterday that I haven't said "noice" probably in over a year. And it just seemed to come out of me spontaneously. (Also: an especial *noice* to the example usage of noice in definition 1. here).   

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