Tuesday, March 24, 2009

loveliness 90

OK, this is fucking hilarious (but keep in mind my standards are verrry low).

1. Go here
2. mouse over the link to my blog
3. read the *key words* at the bottom of the little "snap shot" window that pops up. If you are lucky, "bunnies" will appear in the list. 

What are these words? Obviously it is somehow generated by the content of the link, but I guess when the link points to a content-free zone like this one it becomes funnie. 


  1. I'm getting things like: Equinox, Meditation, and Quilt.

  2. Yeah right now I'm getting
    "Computer World" (<-- WTF?)
    "pattens" (<--not a word, actually)
    "Food Photography"

  3. I got Shoe-lick, too. (OK, that's my spelling, but I think it's distinctly appropriate for a business school.)

    And also: pattens, quilt, and 3D drawing


  4. out of 20 tries, i got "squirrel" on 6, 8, 13, 14, and 16. on my 19th try I got "shavings". I never saw bunnies, but i am not disappointed!