Saturday, May 23, 2009

loveliness 149

Day of RAYS! Neighborhood-wide yard sale!!! We paid $0.25 for one of the best cookies of our lives, and $0.20 for this bunch of catnip (the buttercup was added by Patrick, after determining that yes, I like butter):

And checking out this Roncey coffee shop with the "best cookies in toronto," though we enjoyed a lemon poppy seed loaf (how could anything compete with roadside cookies sold by ten year olds). Here is some goodness from the bathroom (check the ghostly shadow of my arm! YES!!!)
Also, these wonderful common things:
and this fucking thing basically made my day, sorry it'll have to make yours sideways:

And checking out bizarre Group of Seven religious murals in St. Anne's church just two minutes from our place...  (J.E.H. Macdonald, Varley and Carmichael).

Too bad we already maxed out on cookies and treats, otherwise I probably would have put up with a few minutes of proselytizing in the "tea room" for "freshly baked goods". This is not your standard Doors Open Toronto venue. 

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