Sunday, June 28, 2009

loveliness 185

Somehow today was a very lovely day... here is a list of plusses:

+ Increasing the run/walk ratio accompanied by tiny brilliantly yellow birds....

+ Learning new words, like "citational" and "intra-action." Need to add those to my list of words from anthropologists aka people who are smarter than me. I already have "rhizome" which I quite like.

+ Seeing the most most most beautiful tree in the world, where was my camera? It is too bad that I forgot it, but I bet that pictures wouldn't do it justice. It exploded my brain!

+ Pedestrian (rainy) Sunday in Kensington, with the requisite Sook-Yin sighting and big fucka date sweet potato muffin from the Urban Herbivore.

+ The general feeling of jubilance in the city -- Pride weekend, yay!

+ The amazing sound of "Kamphopo" by The Very Best... I know I already mentioned this, but I highly recommend downloading this wicked mixtape by these guys.

+ And last but not least this flash of late evening pink orange light before another downpour...
+ goodnight!

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