Monday, July 20, 2009

loveliness 207

Fruit soup! This basically blew my mind with yumminess.

Also, as Patrick pointed out, it isn't so bad to not understand the language when you are prone to doing embarrassing things like not weighing your produce, or maybe weighing it when you aren't supposed to. Then when you get yelled at, you just can't care too much.


  1. Oh yes...the weighing of your own produce. So Euro! As is the yelling at foreigners when they don't do it properly. Memories of Italy...

  2. Yep... I have been here three days and I have been yelled at about weighing produce three times. First it was for not labeling, then it was for labeling when it didn't need to be labeled, and today it was for apparently labeling with the wrong label. Uhhg.