Wednesday, September 9, 2009

loveliness 257

Oh nice friends and belated birthday gifts... these lovely people bought me ugly (furry) things they knew I would take back: a forced break from The Shopping Diet.
Maybe now is a good time to record some mid-year thoughts on the shopping diet. Basically I don't think it is working, except to liberate a small quantity of time that would otherwise be spent perusing the paltry offerings at the Dufferin mall. Well, in fact maybe that alone means that it IS working.

I don't really feel that I am spending any less time thinking about what I'm wearing, in fact the amount of time that I have spent feeling annoyed by my jeans with the front-blousing problem has gone through the roof (being forbidden by the shopping diet to replace the jeans). And this was to be partly the goal for me -- to spend less time thinking about shit that doesn't matter.

Shopping diet or not, I am interested in *minimalizing* (I know it isn't a word, but you know what I mean) my wardrobe, and trying to focus on quality over quantity. Of course that is just what everyone says, and I have NEVER been able to achieve this, being of a kind of schizophrenic fashion mind. But there is so much crap in my closet. I want to be one of those people who have all of their clothes on those thick wooden hangers and there is empty space surrounding each item in the closet. Actually that is fucked up, and reminds me that I caught a rare glimpse of my supervisors desk yesterday (as opposed to the piles and puddles of paper and rubber bands and math models and lunch that usually make up his work surface). I also saw that he had a sign half-buried under one of the piles that said "A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind."

But I started thinking about the clothes that I do hang onto, and why I still have them even though I will never ever wear them again. Perhaps I will start a series of portraits of these things, where I can record the memories and association that are stored in these garments before sending them far far away.

Well, I think this incredibly lax shopping diet is hard. Check out this guy's year-long project. 100 items!

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