Thursday, September 10, 2009

loveliness 258

I love getting windows into other people's organizational strategies. The other day I was sitting across from a lawyer-in-training-type on the bus from York. She had a very loud voice. She said this:
"I. Love. Boxes."
and then:
"Everything must be in a box, nothing can just be like, out."
OK, I was actually really inspired by this!

Also today my mind was blown by a semester-long running to-do list, where completed tasks are highlighted. Does this make sense? At first I thought not: wouldn't you highlight (or hi-light) tasks that you want to draw attention to? Well yes but also no, because highlighting to-do list items makes them impossible to really properly cross off! So maybe it isn't such a bad idea. The lister told me that when she pages through this to-do list, she is really bothered by the un-highlighted items. I would be too.

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