Monday, October 12, 2009

loveliness 289

I don't want to be all sappy and whatnot, but I really love Thanksgiving. It actually seems like one of the few holidays that can actually be celebrated for what it is for without either religious messages or the smack of consumerism. Just the amazing harvest-time foods, the gathering together of your loved people and the crisp Fall air (and chestnuts in the pockets!). I love all of this shit! And there is so much more to be thankful for -- for example, lovelinesses 1 - 288. Although upon reflection, these are almost just superficial nothingnesses, because usually it is scary to share anything here that isn't basically trivial (indifference is cool, right?). Well, not much is changing this time in terms of details, but let me just say that I am not indifferent (or at least I'm working on it), and I am in fact one very lucky lady. So.... "thanks" to friends and family and lovers and colleagues and cats and the earth and the wind and for music and seeing and legs that move me and for being warm and having resources and abundance and science! and oh freedom and other important things plus the price chopper and the dufferin bus and quiet moments and sharp pencils and for mornings and for whispering and making choices and softness and breathing and loving and feeling and doing.

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