Monday, October 19, 2009

loveliness 297

One of my recent pleasures is that we have started getting the Good Food Box again. It is a gorgeous thing, unpacking that box of organic deliciousness, never knowing what will be in it from week to week. The only problem is that we sometimes end up with a build-up of a certain thing (onions and potatoes usually). Recently we have had a glut of squash. What to do with squash? Soup, I say. I need more soup in my life, I thought.

So I set out to the bookstore yesterday with this in my mind: a vegetarian soup cookbook that maybe has one chapter on breads and quickbreads to go with soups. A tall order, right? Well, yes it was, which is why I was halfway out the door (ok, to the cash) with a consolation non-soup vegetarian cookbook in hand when I spotted this: "Love Soup" by Anna Thomas. Doesn't look like much, but oh my! I can't wait to make each and every soup in here (and there are over 100). Plus, not only does it have a chapter on breads and quickbreads as I wanted (featuring such enticements as "multigrain scones with fennel and orange"), but it also has a chapter called "hummus and company", a chapter on salads (for summer and winter), and a short chapter called "a few easy sweets."

But this is saying nothing of the soups! Organized by season it has not one squash soup recipe, but rather a whole chapter ("winter squash soups"). Plus seven different recipes for vegetarian broth (hard to find in good quality), several soups made from Nettles (Nettle soup <-- new type of net!!!), and even some cold soups like that fruit soup amazingness we had in hungary this summer.

OH I am so thrilled! Yesterday I made the red lentil and squash soup, which was awesome if I may say so myself. The only problem with it is that it made such a large quantity of deliciousness that even after a serious meal last night, plus a whole giant thermos sent to Waterloo with the sick-as-a-dog Paddy, there is still several meals worth in the fridge. This wouldn't be a problem, except that I want to make more soup! I have a lot of soups to try! I guess you will all have to come over for soup, and often!


  1. Others are also feeling the love:

    This book looks awesome!

  2. Oh, it is. I can't believe there was a time when I thought that I "didn't like soup".

  3. I just made some sopa de ajo from this book (or, really, from my recollection of the recipe). Even though I managed to hard-poach the egg, it was tasty.

    Also tasty: the squash and lentil soup of which I ate an entire thermos. Or... an entire thermos of which I ate.. or something.