Tuesday, November 3, 2009

loveliness 312

Today some nice space-related themes. Maybe they were even tropes, I don't know.

First of all, consistent with our programme of expanding our music library, today I purchased Mission to Sedna by Nuclear Ramjet. I'm putting that link there, but you might not like it. Unless of course, you like space, and space sounds.  I'm loving this track, "The Missing Moon." It is the new victim of my repeat-mania.

Speaking of the moon, it was anything but missing when I was out for a stroll earlier this evening. It was hanging large and low and 98% full (waning gibbous to be precise, according to the moon phase calculator which is now junking up my sidebar there) in the sky, with a few illuminated spooky wisps of clouds drifting around. It was so very beautiful.

And finally, on the space front, this reminds me of the Quirks and Quarks episode I heard this weekend in which Bob McDonald made a statement about Canada's space program. He said that this program costs tax payers about $10 per person annually to run, yet it actually does good not bad things (good things being putting astronauts into space, bad things being building expensive rockets). And to all the space-program bashers he pointed out that we probably spend more money on Halloween, aka feeding really really really unhealthy food to children, than we do on our space program.  Moon-food for thought I guess, at least for me as I've never really been a big fan of space exploration.


  1. "Moon-food for thought I guess" is being written down in my little book of things people say that I really, really like.

  2. Oh yay! I remember that back in grade school it was a bit of a thing to get that freeze-dried ice cream, you know, like the astronauts eat.