Thursday, November 5, 2009

loveliness 314

Today was a good day.

I was pleasantly surprised by a number of things:
- "Taking the 'duh' out of dossiers" didn't suck. In fact it was good. And it was great to bring along a math friend who could actually talk with me about some of the issues that are unique to teaching mathematics.

- Having a chance to talk to Ros Woodhouse, who facilitated this session was also fairly awesome. It sometimes seems essentially impossible to break the mould of math teaching that is used in universities -- but perhaps it can and should be challenged! Ros "implored" me to do this. Commanding!

- On that note, I had a kind of dumb realization today, which is that I am surrounded by interesting people doing interesting work, and they know lots of things. This is good, because I can basically just go ask them things that I want to know.  I know, I know, this is what networking/existing is all about, but still... I like the idea of dreaming up questions and then drawing on these contacts to help answer them.  For example, Ros, the academic director of the Centre for Support of Teaching at York. She has a very cool job which is kind of meta, and I'd like to know more about how she got there, since I wouldn't mind ending up in a similar type of role.

- Hey guys! I chanced on the Charles and Camilla pre-show at varsity stadium today. This is what my phone + the good old 'enhance' button did to that. The thing is, this seems CRAZY (and hilarious) to me. Why do we put on this kind of show for the royals? They are used to all this crap, and I'm sure their people do it better, being so much more well practiced at it. Instead I suggest we just get them to tag along with Matt Galloway on his *ideal afternoon in the city* for a real(er) taste of what life is like around here.  (And for those of you who know my one and only complaint about this man (Matt, not Charles), check out his first sentence).

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