Monday, November 9, 2009

loveliness 318

Today was a good day. That is a really non-descriptive statement, but still feels like an appropriate way to start this post.

No major single source of loveliness (or magic, like that squirrel) today, but just a sequence of small nice things.  OH WAIT, I almost forgot that I was introduced as a "math goddess" today. That was probably the highlight right there.

But back to those small nicenesses:
Took a morning run in balmy Trinity Bellwoods, the skyline shimmering in front of the glowing orange sunrise, gorgeous. In some ways the best part about this is that I don't run with a camera, so I am forced to enjoy it just as it is without the lens of well, the lens. Sometimes the impulse to take a photo gets in the way of actually just enjoying whatever is right there. (For example, apparently I missed out on some white squirrel acrobatics yesterday which I was fussing with my camera).

Amanda's talk in my "coffee + conversation" series about math education was really great. She was talking about the symbiotic relationship between social justice and math education, which was quite interesting. On the one hand, mathematical knowledge can be seen as a determinant of critical citizenship and social welfare. On the other hand, examples from life with some social significance (such as the ecological footprint) can be used in teaching math to help students connect the ideas with their own lives, and see mathematics for the vital and wide reaching study that it is.  And like last week, I'm appreciative of the students who took time out of their days to stay for this seminar.

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