Saturday, November 14, 2009

loveliness 323

2pm. Shadows stretch long, my belly is full of curried okra, it is a warm afternoon and I'm wearing my favourite dress that I haven't worn in years (which totally annihilates the advice of all those closet-purging types).

Today we visited "War at a Distance" at Gallery TPW on Ossington. There were some interesting and challenging pieces, but I was blown away by Stephen Andrews' The Quick and the Dead. This was an animation display composed from hand-drawn images made from crayon rubbed over a window screen onto mylar.  

The effect is reminiscent of newsprint, or perhaps a television screen viewed too close. The flickering images of war rendered in this way were powerful and yet seemed so far away, prompting reflection on the reactions and emotions we experience when we view war (in fact, edited and packaged versions of war) from a distance.

I'm not going to call this lovely exactly, but was an interesting and beautiful thing to have seen. Many of the other pieces in the show were also very interesting (Allyson Mitchell's Afghanimation and Francesco Simeti's Watching the War were two other stand-outs). Show is up until November 21.

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