Tuesday, November 24, 2009

loveliness 333

Loveliness 333.  Yeah, I said it!  And for your reference, lovelinesses 222 and 111. (Actually I'm a little disappointed with this retrospective, I thought it would be more special.) But this will be special.

Here is a great quote:
“You can read Sylow’s Theorem and its proof in Huppert’s book in the library... then you can use Sylow’s Theorem for the rest of your life free of charge, but for many computer algebra systems license fees have to be paid regularly [...] With this situation two of the most basic rules of conduct in mathematics are violated: In mathematics information is passed on free of charge and everything is laid open for checking.”
— J. Neubuser (1993)

Today I learned about Sage, which is open-source mathematical software. It runs on Python, or sometimes Cython (Python with a hint of C). Why are nerds such nerds?

I'm looking forward to getting this installed.  I got waaaay too excited when I found out what Sage does with matrices. (Oh, you want to know? Input your matrix as a vector of vectors (basically like how you would in maple) then do your computations -- kernal, cokernal whatever -- then you can get Sage to just convert it right into LaTeX code. I know! I ♥ this idea a lot).


  1. This is very lovely! I love free softwares.

    Great quote too!

  2. Oh yes Mike, and for your new life as a statistician (that is a hard word for me to spell), Sage include 'R' which is apparently (obviously) the open-source version of 'S'.