Tuesday, December 1, 2009

loveliness 340

I realized today that only twenty-five lovelinesses remain. How can this be true? It is amazing. But that means that my last loveliness will take place on December 25, which might be a challenge for me. We'll see. Until then: an advent calendar of loveliness. And what better way to kick this off, than with:

Loveliness 340: holiday planning. This is always nice, especially when there are other things you are supposed to be doing (i.e. making my talk for the Windsor CMS this weekend). On the agenda so far:  various parties and get-togethers, family gatherings hopefully with all sibs present, more reading aloud, the fifth season of The Wire, knitting a sweater (am considering something like this), doing an aerobathon (December 13th at 10am, come one, come all! Repeater knee for like, two hours!!!!),  a complete regimen of sorting/purging/selling and storing of all the junk in the basement (probably with the help of beer and other motivating foods/beverages),  seeing the Nutcracker with McQueenmachine, and a new years eve wedding. Oh, not to mention the termination of the Shopping Diet. It is shaping up to be gooood. I just need to get this Windsor thing over with.

PS. The moon is 100% of full, and shimmering through the clouds.

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