Monday, December 7, 2009

loveliness 346

(Back on the loveliness track!!!)
Well I thought that Windsor was a little depressing, but nothing prepared me for the craziness that was Detroit. Let me first show you the nice side:
Detroit, from the good side

Unfortunately, it being Monday, none of the galleries or museums were open. I thought that I was primarily going on a photo and shopping mission, but in fact, I didn't even take many pictures or do any shopping (actually there was nothing to buy). Instead I just wandered around on foot and on the People-Mover ($0.50!!), which were both, well, scary. Still though, I had the impression that Detroit actually has an interesting and lively art scene. Next time I will take a friend and a car.



One of my primary missions in Detroit was finding the Michigan Theatre, which is a stunning 1926 building that is now used as a parking structure. I did find the building, but couldn't get inside to take photos.  For some good photos of this and other (shocking) Detroit areas/ruins, I highly recommend checking out this set, and some of this person's other photos. They are quite amazing.

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