Saturday, December 26, 2009

loveliness 364


Friday was Christmas day. Now this should actually be the final loveliness, since I started this thing on December 26, 2008 (<------ !!!!!!!), but somehow I have cheated and so we are going to get a bonus loveliness tomorrow, under the heading of loveliness 365.

Christmas was really very very nice this year. Everyone seemed to be enjoying good health and high spirits, and I had an excellent time, despite my grinch-iness. There were Christmas rolls, and a delightful visit with Betty; coffee, games (including some scrabble-inspired vocabulary expansion), a long rainy walk, knitting, peeling of beautiful beets, a Christmas meal involving turkey served over lentils, some delightful party favours, and a drawing game after dinner. I don't think it was because of the no-gift rule that Christmas was so good this year, but it definitely didn't hurt.



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