Thursday, December 31, 2009

loveliness 365

It is finally here: loveliness 365. I have been putting off the posting of this, in part because it is a bit shocking to me that this project is actually over, and I am both happy and sad about it. It has been a whole year of lovelinesses. And it has been a lovely year. I added an archive over there on the right, so now the lovelinesses can be easily browsed by month.

I had an idea to pick a top ten lovelinesses or something, but that would actually be pretty hard. So I won't claim that these are the best, but here is an assortment of ten lovelinesses that I was happy to revisit:

loveliness 20: Snow prints
loveliness 22: Resolutions
loveliness 59: Funny faces with the sister
loveliness 122: Representation of a representation
loveliness 162: A relaxed cat
loveliness 200: Easy loveliness
loveliness 219: Tiles in the wild
loveliness 278: Inspiration
loveliness 310: High park photo lesson
loveliness 352: The bears

Looking back at these and others, there are a few themes that emerge. For example, food makes me happy. So does evidence of coziness, and quiet moments. And science! Love that stuff. Actually, there are a lot of things that make me happy. But perhaps most importantly people make me happy. People like my family and my friends, and especially my P.

Which brings me to loveliness 365: Patrick, the pingtone, pingles, pingman, pingston, my pingram. This works because he really is a 365-day loveliness.... en-lovely-ing my every winter summer spring fall day.  Oh well this is getting mooshy but it's ok, he deserves it... he is really is the very best sweetheart a girl could ever wish for, and I love him with every murmuring heartbeat.




Hey P: Let's have many more years of loveliness together!

Several people have asked me what is going to happen to the blog now that 365 lovelinesses are in the vault. I think it will continue on, but in a more free-form way. I'm looking forward to being relieved of this daily commitment, but I already have lots of new things waiting to be posted.

New year, new loveliness!!!! Thanks to everyone who read this thing even one time -- dear readers, your comments on and off the blog pressured me (in a good way) to keep it going.

yours in love and loveliness,


  1. Aww... This post is so cute! Great pictures of Patrick. I should have seen this loveliness coming. :)

    I'm glad you'll continue posting. I still have to catch up on your past lovelinesses too. Congratulations on finishing the 365 days!

    Missing you guys terribly,


  2. YAY!
    We miss you too Mike. I hope school and everything is going well.

    Yes, this loveliness has been just around the bend for a long long time. I had hoped it would be 'aww'-inducing.