Friday, January 29, 2010

A random selection of good things

Here are some things that I like (a collection of loveliness I suppose):

- That Adam Giambrone appears to be running for mayor! This is kind of good and bad news, good because he is my favourite twelve-year-old (lookin') politician, but also bad because he won't win. Still though, something about his youth is inspiring (although that isn't the only thing, I also like a lot of what he has done since he has been in office) and I'm surprised that it does make me feel more interested in the whole thing in general. Plus this youtube video is fairly fantastic.

- sprouting ginger plants.

- bonus days with my sweetie: the best antidote to three hour lectures and a chalk-irritated throat is coming home to one's sweet pea in a surprise mid-week visit. But that was Wednesday, and this is now:

- it is Friday!

- More art meets science action. A proposal for Nuit Blanche, and hopefully I'll be submitting something to this art-science fair at Harbourfront.

- Last week P and I went to an amazing Buck65 show at the Dakota Tavern. Very small little event, so we were really only a few feet away from Rich and his laptop and his little dance moves. It was a great show, and it rekindled my romance with this man's music. It inspired me to download Dirtbike, which is over three hours of free Buck65-ness, and I think it is pretty spectacular. Particularly that song about Halloween (The french word for February is Fevrier/ I wish Halloween could be every day... What are you gonna be for Halloween? / nerd, cohort, star wars, oh my god/ music, vagrant, sexy , I don't know yet/ drunk, worker, circus, science/ bones, bleeding, ouija board! ouija board!). I get the sense from this man that he is an artist, like, an artist. In the sense that it seems as though the music (the rhymes! the awesomeness!) just flow from this man like water from a tap.

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