Saturday, January 30, 2010

True or false

Did anyone see the moon last night? It is 100% of full, and it was GINORMOUS in that crystal clear icy sky.

Speaking of ice, I hear that there may be oceans of liquid diamond on Uranus and Neptune. This idea sparked a long conversation about diamond rings (answer: they are stupid), and their utility and/or value (as signifiers of status). Still though, I like the notion that there could be oceans of liquid diamond, with big hunks of glittery glamour floating on their surface.

On a completely different note, I have been thinking a lot about true false questions recently, because I have been giving a lot of T/F quizzes to my linear algebra class. Next quiz, I think i'll put this one on:
True or False: This sentence is false.

Yes or not?


  1. wonderwoop!
    I just signed myself up for automatic updates from your blog, so now I get to be reminded whenever you post something that I can read it and remember easily how much you are inspiring and a fabulous and funny big little sister.
    ; )
    love little big sister sara

  2. I was told that Friday's moon is called a "Wolf Moon" and that it was the biggest the moon will appear to us this year. I missed it though.