Thursday, January 21, 2010

Would the real academichic please stand up?

Well here comes another confession: I have recently been turned on to the world of style blogging. And I hate love hate it. Yeah, I hate it. But I also find it so damn compelling, and such a delicious way to fritter away precious moments on the internet. The one that I like the best is academichic, which, as you may have guessed from the name, details the style triumphs of three beautiful and talented PhD students at some unnamed mid-western university in the US.

The problem with this blog (aside from the fact that they apply a belt to every outfit) is the fact that they are actually very smart and witty and the whole structure of their website is very clever (it is set up like an academic text!). This is a problem because I am inclined to like it, which is completely at odds with my feelings about style blogging in general.  But more than just being clever, they are vocal evidence of the fact that you don't need to take a dis-interest in fashion to kick butt in school. And this is something that I think about a lot! In fact, as I struggle to be taken seriously by my students, peers, colleagues and supervisors, I hate to admit just exactly how much.

For example, I remember saying to a friend that I would never (or almost never) wear a skirt to school if I had a meeting with a professor. She said that this was evidence of internalized sexism. And shit, she was right! But if I wore what E. is wearing in these very cute pictures, I would stick out like a sore thumb. Like 100 sore thumbs probably. I just can't seem to get over this in the math world.

Still though,  I appreciate the work that the 'chics are doing, and I want them to continue to rock on (they will). But I also have to express my complete disdain for the entire world of style blogging: why write about wearing it when you can just wear it?

Thus, I give you the real academichic: me, on an at-home thesis day. Although I should point out that
a) I'm not in pajamas, and
b) I'm wearing earrings
which together make this a very dressy at-home thesis day.
- camisole: (not viewable) AE outfitters, from like, 2003 maybe?
- T-shirt: probably self-evident, but a street vendor in NY, gift from P.
- crazy folding top pants: on sale at Smart Set for like $15 back in 2006
- legwarmers: H & M
- Merino socks (not visible): MEC, where else?
- Sheepskin slippers: gift from ages and ages and ages ago actually.
- black fuzzy (aka pilly) wool cardigan: Jacob, Christmas gift circa 2002
- Lavender wool giant cardigan: value village
- pink wool scarf: one of the weird stores at Village by the Grange
- earrings: The SUB at UBC
- silver bracelet: from Granny!
- glasses: modern optical
- grease (on hair, face, etc.): all mine, baby

Well the first thing I'd like to clarify is that these are my second choice of comfy pants. Somehow my go-to yoga pants are in the wash, they are covered with cat hair and dust and flour and the stink of mathematical ineptitude. Actually, before I settled on wearing these ugly grey pants, I first put on a pair of actual pants, my comfy at-home jeans. But I quickly realized that wearing pants is completely at odds with my lifestyle. By that I mean my need to stretch every hour.
The glasses are not a disguise, they actually make me smarter. They don't make me take better pictures of myself however, but this fuzzy shot captures the whole "look":
I don't know where my scarf was in those pictures. The scarf is a critical element of any at-home outfit. Any outfit really. You can see the outfit "at work" on the kneeling chair in the picture below. This is by far my favourite chair -- I am tempted to call it part of my outfit. I bought it on the internet.
Oh, and by the way? I'm wearing these clothes again RIGHT NOW (now three days after the photos were taken). But that is the nature of at-home clothes, right?


  1. Dude. This is awesome. Awesome.

  2. I agree. I love this so, so much. I think I need an academichic make-over before I go back to graduate school.

  3. please. Please! more, more e-chic! please more wheelissa chic!