Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's been a while

So this is turning into one of Those Blogs. You know, the ones where there are a flurry of posts at the beginning, and then silence, and then another post that says "I'm baaack, and I'm going to post all the time," (followed of course by more silence). Well, I make no such promise. But the lovelinesses have been accumulating in the corners of my wormy little brain and I needs to share!

The coming weekend is now closer than the past one, but I'd like to mention some weekend lovelies. For one thing, P and I mostly shut the laptops this weekend. That is right, no facebook, no google reader, no aimless internetsicling, and no where-did-my-weekend-go malaise! It was partly inspired by the book Less (subtitled Accomplishing More by Doing Less) but it is partly just common sense dammit. I will put in a plug for this book though. P brought it back from the San Francisco Zen Centre bookstore, (complete with "Have an Ordinary Day :-| bookmark), and it basically just tells you all the things you already know but need to hear over and over again (stop wasting time, take time to breathe, do one thing at a time, make a plan etc.). The author, appropriately named Marc Lesser, is the CEO of ZBA associates, which is some kind of Zen for bigwigs type thing.

But now I'm on a tangent, and what I really wanted to tell you about was the wonderful walk we took, where we inadvertently went to the Lake! I loved this because I always forget about the lake, and especially in Winter (really, it is still there?). It is strange to be surprised by the lake, but that is exactly what happened on our leisurely Sunday stroll through Parkdale. Plus there was this blue-blue sky and the increasingly bright Winter sun made diamonds in my pictures (remember the diamond oceans people??).
I tricked you

Hey nice ice, hey birdies:
ice and rocksbirdez
Hey P!
P at Banjara


  1. Love. This. Your pictures are fantastic! Your lovelinesses truly make me smile!


  2. Aw, thanks Mike!
    It IS true however that I need to post more! And take more photos!