Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's spring time, people!

Hello. Happy Spring!
The days are now going to be longer than the nights, which makes me very happy.
bball hoop
Also making me happy right now (just really little things, in no particular order):
- Thomas Mapfumo: Rise Up!
- The soothing power of magnesium, in the form of epsom salt baths. About the most relaxing thing ever.
- Iranian new year Nowruz: sensibly celebrated today (the equinox)!
- Two measly little lectures left!
- No time for the epsom salt bath? How about a minute in legs-up-the-wall then?
- Darker bedroom = delicious sleeps and vivid dreams.
- I like this lady and her blog, she's a holistic nutritionist, and she introduced me to cacao nibs.... mmmmm.

That is it for now! Happy Saturday, happy Spring time! xoxo

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