Saturday, December 31, 2011

Homework books

The solstice/pre-baby/enough-is-enough uncluttering project continues here. It has taken a while for me to get around to documenting and processing the photos, but at long last I bring you a blast from the past.

Almost every year that I have been in school since grade nine (ughh... which is almost every year) I have created a homework book. These books recorded my day-to-day life, with the usual appointments, assignments, important dates etc. But they also recorded sketches, doodles, found objects, notes from friends, and other miscellaneous information, important or not. The books reflect my aesthetic sensibilities at those particular times, which move from glitter paint and bubble letters in grade nine, to 0.4mm pens and a date stamp in grad school. They all seem to demonstrate an enduring interest in lamination!

I have accumulated and moved these books around with me for the last 17 years, and it is time to let them go. This is a little hard for me because they trigger so many memories. But it's time! Here is just a small sample of the photos that I took of these books. They are probably more interesting to me than anyone else, which is another good reason to say goodbye.

Finally, looking through these books caused me to make a new years resolution: keep a sketchbook. It has always been more easy for me to channel my creative energies into these homework books than into sketchbooks, but the days of the homework book are over. I still want a place to doodle and scribble, to experiment and keep notes, to use glitter paint or not. And of course, to create a new problem: the sketchbook problem.


  1. hopefully you will never stop making these wonderful reminders of everyday realities no matter where you are or what you are "in to"! mummers!

  2. i typed a long comment which got deleted when i claimed an identity that was not mine. eek!
    anyhoo... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    i am freaking out (which I know is not helpful) about the idea of you getting rid of this collection, of times in your life and memories.

    but i know you know what you're doing, so GO SIS!!!

    love you

  3. The homework books! Sorry to see those go, but glad to see them so well documented.

    RIP, homework books...

  4. I'm interested to see that the homework books are getting so much love. I even uncovered two more books after posting this. I also have to say that the books didn't make their way into the recycling this week.... we'll see.