Monday, December 12, 2011

Namaste babies...

Prenatal yoga may be just about the best thing ever. First of all, it involves chatting ("check-in"), in which we all say how far along we are and how we are feeling. One woman today said that she alternately feels like an 85 year old man, and a 35 year old pregnant lady. She cited the napping, ice cream, and being "a little bit incontinent" as her evidence. I do have to say that the whole check-in experience makes me feel very lucky to be enjoying a happy and comfortable pregnancy (touch wood touch wood !!!! TOUCH WOOD!!!!). Some of what the other women experience sounds far less than fun (for example, nine months of vomiting).

On this note, I have been interested to reflect on the stories we tell each other about pregnancy, and the information that is passed on through books and websites etc. Certainly it is reassuring to learn that you aren't the only one who is experiencing symptom X, but I sometimes feel that too little time is spent on the awesome qualities of pregnancy. I know that when my own mother told me that she felt extremely healthy and good throughout her three pregnancies, it completely changed what I expected to happen over the months to come. And I am currently thinking frequently of my mother-in-law who told me that she felt "super-powered" during the second trimester.  I do feel super-powered at the moment, especially when it comes to smelling mouldy oranges, but also more generally in terms of energy levels and just... stuff! Now, perhaps it is just that I take after my mother, so it stands to reason that I would also feel good during my pregnancy, but I think that there must be something else there about positive expectations? Of course if you are barfing you are barfing, I'm not going to make a mind over matter argument there.

But back to yoga. When we aren't chatting, we are usually well propped into various relaxing, opening postures. It would be easy to doze off. As our instructor points out, however, the pregnant body is already working so hard -- it is growing a human! So one of the most important things we can do is to rest and recognize the hard work that the body is doing. This is somewhat at odds with my super-powers at the moment, but I still believe it.

Anyway, the whole prenatal experience has been wonderful. There is a lot less of this (which I kind of miss):

But lots of this kind of blissed out yoga face stuff:

Ah..... temagami summer yoga: thems the good times.

So: I'm not usually a big sayer of "Namaste," but in thankfulness for my health and in the words of my teacher: "Namaste..... and Namaste babies"


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