Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boston, FroYo and other musings

Yesterday we ventured into Boston. Smartphones have really made me a terrible tourist though, and now the planning and care that would have gone into figuring out what might be interesting to do in a place are replaced with just winging it. This could be OK in warmer times, but even when the temperature is hovering around 0C it is less fun. Still, we had a nice day being somewhat aimless.... walking the freedom trail backward (becoming less free?) eating grilled cheese and tomato soup (another problem with pregnancy travel: how to satisfy those strangely strong cravings? As luck would have it, without too much difficulty), and just kind of soaking in the city vibe. We ended the evening at a lovely Ethiopian cafe, where we had some delicious peanut tea. If you are curious what this is, probably mixing steamed milk, Kraft smooth peanut butter, and honey will give you a fair impression. Yummy.

I didn't take too many pictures of the super old Boston stuff, although there is no shortage of really old interesting stuff. Here is a portrait of the two of us instead:
And a sign that took my fancy:
Now it is almost time for my nightly Froyo fix. Stay tuned soon for the thirty (30!!!!) week update. 

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