Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chicheley Hall, and all that

Happy leap-day. If you think about it, one in every 1,461 people has a birthday today. I'd be nine years old.

So here are some pictures from the recent trip to England. I was attending a fancy conference at Chicheley Hall, and really their photos may be better than mine. The room we were staying in was informally known as the "secret library room". It was entirely wood panelled, and every panel concealed a bookshelf. Even the decorative columns were cupboards, and there were also little drawers everywhere. The bathroom was also hidden in a panel, and we learned that one of former guests of the room, Al Gore (ahem! name drop!), apparently told the staff that "it was a nice room" but that he'd like to "trade it in for one with a bathroom".

So here we are, the pictures. Some of these were taken by pingram, since my camera was acting a little funny and not too many of my pictures turned out.

Oh look, the travel dress. This was the day we arrived, when we were exploring the grounds.
And here is the hall itself, with what would have originally been part of the moat. Yes, the moat. They also had some big ponds that we were informed at one point would have contained fish for eating which I thought was cool. When I asked what type of fish though, I was told it would have been a "coarse fish," like carp.

Our room looked out over the garden in the previous picture.

Look carefully at the upholstery. All of the drapes and wallpaper (not in our room, because of the panels) were decorated with this image of the flea. I guess it is an important image for the Royal Society, since Hooke's Micrographia was one of its first publications.

The bump must make an appearance.

I think I am perfecting my sashay with my expansion into uncharted digits. Of my weight, that is. I was well taken-care of food-wise at Chicheley. One night they even made me a special dessert (but they backwardly called it pudding.... it was a brownie!). I know I know...
Here we are on one of the lovely country walks that wander through farmland. This is some kind of cattle-proof bridge. Didn't stop me though.
My sweetheart! Who did so much backpack carrying, wheelie-bag wheelie-ing, and general complaint-listening. Thanks for coming along my pea!

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