Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello, third trimester

Well it is official. I'm in the third trimester. Voila, le belly:
I find that I look like a giant nerd in this photo, but it is the belly that I wanted to show you.

There is lots of exciting stuff in store for the next three months:
- Travels: Boston; Providence, RI;  San Francisco;  Palo Alto; and London, England.

- A baby shower and a baby party.

- Two more months of work (and four or five papers in the pipeline to get finished before April 1!)

- prenatal classes at the Midwives Collective

- converting my office into... some kind of multi-purpose nursery/office/guest room kind of thing.... ? OK, I think my vision may be a little dysfunctional

- the continuation of the unclutter project (currently on pause... see items 1 and 3)

- biweekly appointments with my midwives

- continuing to try to learn French via my French classes and watching le Canal Vie

- Figuring out all the stuff that orbits around babies (diapers and clothes and carriers and all that stuff. It really seems like it shouldn't be so complicated)

- reading the books about what to do with your baby once it arrives. I think I am pretty much done with the "how to be pregnant" and "how to give birth" genres.... now it is time for the far more serious stuff like "how to keep your new human alive" and "how to do it well"

- coordinating a move and making big decisions about our house

OK, this list is getting less and less interesting... and more and more stressful to consider. The truth is I'm a little scared. My belly is getting bigger, and baby is getting more and more able to wake me up with his/her acrobatics. Rolling over in bed is getting harder. And I feel like the to-do list is a mile long! AH!

Still, everything is going pretty well. I feel good and if I interpret big kicks as indicators of happiness then baby feels good too, which are basically the best things ever.

Also, yesterday I had the great privilege of seeing a new animal: a skunk! OK, it is not a new animal, but I can't remember ever seeing a skunk before, despite having smelled many of them. It looked like a very unique walking wig. I saw it slime its way all the way across Harbord Street, which was just kind of fantastic.


  1. Third trimester already? Wow! I'm super excited for you!

  2. E, you're the prettiest (and coolest) pregnant nerd
    i know. Heart, heart.