Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thirty weeks

Ah, the thirties. The thirties! A measly seven weeks left until this bean is full term, and at most twelve  until baby is definitely on the outside. The great news is that with every passing week, baby becomes more and more likely to do well in an extra-uterus environment, though I really hope that he/she keeps cooking for quite some time.
I continue to feel really good, but a little less predictably energetic. I can't wait for the 32 week mark, although there is lots of exciting stuff happening before then. In fact, the reason I'm looking forward to the 32 week mark is the lack of exciting stuff after that time. Ahhhh. 

In other good news, it looks like I "passed" my glucose screening test, so please bring on more froyo please!  Also, I have just discovered the joys of compression socks for long flights. Yes, this is my excitement these days. 

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