Sunday, March 25, 2012

36 weeks and building my nest

Here is my 36 week minus one day belleh:
So: nesting is on. Never has cleaning out the fridge taken on such importance (complete with new lightbulb, how satisfying).

Here is a drawer full of tiny garments!
Here is another drawer full of highly glamourous birth items (I'll spare you the details)!
There are more drawers holding yet more delights, and mountains of laundry to be done. 

The other news this week is that this baby has dropped somewhat. In theory they do this a few weeks before making their appearance on the "other side," but I'm hoping we get the full four weeks. There is so much more cleaning to be done, and at least three knitting projects to be finished! As a result of this "lightening" I have a little less pressure under the ribs, but A LOT more downward pressure in general, eehh.

This is my last week of work, and I hate to say it,  there are still three papers to go. But they are all so close! Wish me luck.

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