Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A few links

This is just a few bits of silliness.

First off, this reminds me of everything I love AND hate about California: there is now a "yoga room" at SFO (which sadly I missed on my recent pass through there). I would like to use this, but also to scoff at it.

Secondly, do you know about cat cafes in Tokyo? Apparently since there are so many people living in the city there are tight regulations on how many of those people can own pets. But it is OK, because if you can't have your own cat, you can go to a cat cafe and hang out with cats! Here is just one example. I could really stand to go hang out with Kantaro and Birt right now.... Kantaro is apparently a wheedling cat, and Birt just looks like a cool guy. Plus, everything is cuter in Japan, even cats.

This also reminds me of my visit to the Poozenboot in Amsterdam.  I miss my poozen.

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