Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I get on the TTC...

Well, I actually think I have mentioned this awesome track in the past, but it deserves re-mention because basically because, right?

This has turned out to be a little bit of a pregnancy pet peeve for me. I don't like taking the TTC now that I'm more visibly pregnant, and the weather has the bump less layered up. It isn't because I am uncomfortable, I just don't like people abandoning their seats for me. Sometimes I don't want to sit, but people can be pretty insistent. And sometimes I do want to sit, but I don't really want to displace anyone.

There was also the time that an old lady used my standing on the subway as an excuse to scold some teenagers, that was no fun for me at all. The teens were actually pretty awful, but I didn't want to be in cahoots with the old lady. She kept giving me the eye, but I wasn't into it.

Today a woman struck up a conversation with me on the train (about my belly, of course), and then told me about her two children and one grandchild. I had to be surprised... she only looked to be maybe ten years older than me. I asked her for the secret, she said it is Nivea. Seriously people, get some of this cream. That and apparently she drinks green tea after eating muffins, cakes or bread. Hm. I was more interested in her skin care routine.

Also today I made the interesting decision to run for the bus at York. The driver actually honked at me and indicated that I should walk... I guess me running doesn't look as good as it feels at the moment (feels surprisingly fine).

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