Friday, March 30, 2012

It's a wrap. A math rap.

Well, that's it. So ends my postdoc at York, and so begins my maternity leave. Work seems to have ended much better than I could have expected, with most everything tied in a big neat bow.

Here is my 3-step lesson in getting things done.
Step 1: get pregnant.
Step 2: realize that all the stupid things you've been putting off really aren't going to get easier to do once the baby arrives.
Step 3: do them.

I submitted four papers this month! FOUR. You can check out my (almost) full opus on the arXiv, or on my updated website. I even updated my CV so it is ready to go for the 2013-2014 job market.

I also threw out all my notes from graduate school today, with the exception of one course (Group Theory and Geometry). Strangely, I had the hardest time getting rid of my functional analysis notes. Why? I think if I could be reborn as a different type of mathematician, well, I'd probably pick mathematical biology, and then maybe even statistics, but after that I would be a functional analyst. Instead I'm just a lowly discrete geometer... sigh.

Now on the agenda for the coming days/weeks/period of time before the inside baby becomes an outside baby:
- converting my office into a baby room (this is in fact more for the purpose of selling the house, and less for the baby, who probably won't ever be far from P or me)

- Yes, selling the house! This means lots of de-cluttering, painting, fixing up little things, and "staging": where we pretend to live a minimalist lifestyle... with a new baby

- weekly visits with the midwives

- finishing my three ongoing knitting projects

- making a lot of food for the freezer

- watching the rest of Arctic Air

- other stuff

- writing long winded and pointless blog posts [oh, check]

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