Monday, April 2, 2012

37 weeks

Full term! Yes, apparently baby is fully cooked with probably functional lungs. In fact, the midwives are so confident of this fact that we are now able to have a home birth.

One pose, two ways. That's a big belleh.

And that is the plan, so one of the tasks on the agenda today was to gather the necessary items, and put them in one place. There were only a very small number of specialty items, the rest of the things were regular around-the-house things, that just needed to be gathered together.

I'm feeling pretty good as I head into these final weeks of pregnancy. I'm starting to wonder how many more swims I'll get in, and how many more prenatal yoga classes. Plus there is the mile-long list of things I want to do, sort,  make or clean. But as one of the midwives put it, it is like I'm going to be running a marathon sometime very soon, but without being able to choose when. That is, rest has to be the priority in the next weeks. I can't say I think this will be too hard to accomplish, as I can feel my body naturally slowing down. And yes, perhaps that sashay is developing into more of a waddle....

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