Monday, April 30, 2012


Our little guy is getting so much bigger, especially in the length direction. Today I noticed that the newborn size sleeper he has been wearing is too short for him. Look at those knobby knees!
Also regardez this amazing quilt that Heiko is enjoying. Made with love by Grammy! I need to take some better pictures with nicer light, which I'll do later.
Finally, in non-baby related news, today we received a cease and desist order from the choose your own adventure folks. Oops. In fact, they were really nice about everything, and seemed basically unbothered by our book, given the scale of its distribution. Still, it is funny that they found out about our little project. Thanks, Steinberg.


  1. Whoops. Next time I won't provide your contact into :^\

  2. Now wait, does that mean I can't get a copy of the book...?

    Beautiful quilt, by the way!

  3. So cute! That is one fantastic quilt!!

  4. It seems like the CYOA people are pretty chill about it. They even offered to give us a letter which provides permission to use their copyrighted material. Which is kind of weird, considering that they seem like the only people who'd want to read the letter.

    And yes... the quilt is beautiful, and mathemagical!

  5. How do I get a copy of that book! Clearly I NEED IT (even though I'm a failed mathemagician). Much love to you, P and H!