Thursday, June 21, 2012

A few random things

Hello. This photo is unrelated, to anything, at all:

I have been reading some novels lately, which feels like a big treat. Strangely the first book I read ended with a birth, and the last two books have both begun with births. I guess birth is a kind of big deal! But that isn't what I wanted to talk about. The last book was set partially in Mumbai, and in the Dharavi slum in particular. It caused me to seek out these astonishing photos from the National Geographic to get a better picture of what I was reading about.

And now, well, there is no good way to make this segue. But basically I want to mention Barbie, and in particular the "I can be..." Barbies. This came to my attention because one of the barbies in the series is the Yoga Teacher Barbie, complete with mat and chihuahua (?), and naturally this is causing ripples of scorn in yogiland. But check out the other "I can be..." barbies. My personal favourite is Pancake Chef Barbie. How is that a profession? I also like Pet Vet Barbie, mainly because I prefer to imagine the far less glamorous Farm Vet Barbie.  Others I'd like to see added to the roster include PhD Student Barbie, and New Mom Barbie, complete with barf-covered outfit.

That's all for now.


  1. I wish they had gone in a more realistic way for I can be... Art Teacher. I'm thinking some scarves and clogs are in order.

    1. Would new mom barbie also come with drawstring pants and hair that is way overdue for a haircut?

    2. YES. Oh, I'm glad this is a common theme (the hair).