Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Loveliness number 1, revisited

Hey, do any of you diehard readers remember Loveliness Number 1? "Grow it, don't throw it": the original loveliness, if you like. That was the winter that P and I planted avocado pits, a date pit, and some pomegranate seeds.

Well, the avocado tree rapidly grew up and took over our living room, which was fun but ultimately needed to end when we stopped being able to sit in there. Now fast forward three and a half years. The date plant is still around, with a whopping five linear leaves. I'm glad it is still alive. However since it grows sooooo slowly it is a pretty boring plant, and really not that attractive. But the pomegranate, the pomegranate! The pomegranate has developed into the most beautiful woody leafy growth. It is a magical, tumbling, ethereal plant-thing. It is my very great sadness that it will not be able to come to Colorado with us.

I know that Colorado will provide many new gardening opportunities, including some excellent succulent potential (I love me my succulents). Plus I can plant more seeds next winter and see how pomegranates grow in high altitudes. But I'll miss my original loveliness pommie. 

So. Any Toronto folks want a new happy houseplant? Tolerates neglect extremely well!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sun tea time

It has been hot here. Like haaawwwwwt. To beat the heat I've been making a lot of sun tea: jam some peppermint tea bags and a sliced up lemon in a jar of cold water, and set it in a sunshiney spot in the garden. Wait a couple of hours, then add a bit of honey and lots of ice. Yums!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hello teeth?

It has been a fussy week in Heiko-land. We've been dealing with breastfeeding issues, as well as some general crankiness, and a bit of a sleep regression. Fun times. After a bunch of finger chomping and stuffing-blanket-in-mouth behaviour, we reluctantly got the hint that maybe this might be the beginning of teething. We got little H. a natural rubber teether, with lots of good spots for little fingers to grab.

He seems pretty happy about it.

Of course, sometimes his little hands are still more interesting.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So long, shoes

I've had these shoes since grade 9, which is a really long time ago. They were my gym shoes, but I really didn't like gym, leaving them in near-mint condition. They enjoyed some kind of brief renaissance as street-wear during my undergrad days, when I decided they were cool (they were also, at that point, a little small, but that only made them cooler to me).
Since then, they've been my painting shoes, my gardening shoes, my taking-out-the-garbage shoes, and more recently my basement shoes. Yes, basement shoes. If you have a dedicated pair of shoes just for use in the basement, it is probably a sign that you have too many shoes. So I'm going to say goodbye to these babies, even though I kind of still love them.

In fact it is interesting for me to reflect on the idea that the reason these have lasted so long is that I purchased them for gym class, which I really hated. I was so so bad at gym, and it perpetrated a long-standing personal myth about my athletic abilities and inclinations. I wonder if gym class is better these days at encouraging everyone to figure out their bodies and what works for them physically. For me it definitely wasn't volleyball or dodgeball or even high jump (the only time I ever won anything at track and field day was for high jump. I came in third! However there were only three participants.).  It always just seemed like a race for the finish, without the acknowledgement that everyone can get better at things they work at, and that not all physical activity is about winning. I hope that Heiko doesn't find his gym classes as dreadful as I did.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On minimalizing

I've written here before about the problem with things. With stuff, that is. There are so many things. So many lovely things, and so many meaningful things. For example, if someone gives you a birthday card that is the shape of a three-dimensional foot, is it possible to throw it out? Is a foot card recyclable?

In the process of getting ready for our move I have been reading a few blogs about minimalism, for example zen habits (lame name, but we now use "Leo Babauta" as a verb meaning to minimalize), mnmlst (consonants are sooo non-minimal) and miss minimalist (hello, capsule wardrobe!). From there you can go on and on following the path of minimalist bloggers, and what better way to avoid dealing with actual real life stuff? In any case, I love the idea of minimalism: the promise of having more (time, energy, fulfilment) with less stuff. But, I think I'm a maximalist at heart. And having a baby seems to be a exercise in maximalizing, anyway.

Still, it may be time to go, foot card, much as I've loved you and your promise of a subsequent super-spiffy, super glossy, architectural masterpiece. Hopefully I can document more of your kind on here before saying farewell.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I miss the lake

I really wish I could put my feet in the cool cool lake right now. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Farewell, freezer friend.

One of the strange things about having a home birth is that you are left with the placenta. The midwives tell you to put it in the freezer until garbage day, at which time it can go in the green bin (Toronto's municipal compost). But chances are you will forget that it is in there, and plus, doesn't it feel strange just to throw that thing out? As the midwives told me, it is the only organ that the human body grows from scratch. Amazing, true, but I also grew a whole human from scratch so.....

Some people also choose to eat their placenta, which, much as it resembles steak in its frozen form, wasn't something that was on the agenda for us. Thanks to a great suggestion from Gaby, we decided to take the placenta up to Temagami, and bury it under a cedar tree (for Heiko Cedar).

We needed a bucket of water, a shovel, and a little tree!

I'm clearly pretty thrilled that this baby carrier matches the placenta.

WOW WOW WOW, an animated GIF, with lunging:
gif maker

Look carefully, you can see Heiko's little hand giving me the pinches.
Et voila:

A good time was had by all. Well, Heiko mostly slept through the whole thing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We got Heiko's passport photo taken today. Heh! He looks like a little convict. Also: eyebrows!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Temagami Scenes, part II

Well, let's be serious. This should be called "Heiko in Temagami Scenes". Here is some conceptual hat-wearing, with dad. 

Sunset shots, on two nights.

 We interrupt this post to bring you the weather (hot, mostly sunny, lake-is-gorgeous, by the way)

And the guys: