Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On minimalizing

I've written here before about the problem with things. With stuff, that is. There are so many things. So many lovely things, and so many meaningful things. For example, if someone gives you a birthday card that is the shape of a three-dimensional foot, is it possible to throw it out? Is a foot card recyclable?

In the process of getting ready for our move I have been reading a few blogs about minimalism, for example zen habits (lame name, but we now use "Leo Babauta" as a verb meaning to minimalize), mnmlst (consonants are sooo non-minimal) and miss minimalist (hello, capsule wardrobe!). From there you can go on and on following the path of minimalist bloggers, and what better way to avoid dealing with actual real life stuff? In any case, I love the idea of minimalism: the promise of having more (time, energy, fulfilment) with less stuff. But, I think I'm a maximalist at heart. And having a baby seems to be a exercise in maximalizing, anyway.

Still, it may be time to go, foot card, much as I've loved you and your promise of a subsequent super-spiffy, super glossy, architectural masterpiece. Hopefully I can document more of your kind on here before saying farewell.

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  1. Dude: You can totally recycle the foot card. I'm kind of amazed that it has held up all this time!