Thursday, July 19, 2012

So long, shoes

I've had these shoes since grade 9, which is a really long time ago. They were my gym shoes, but I really didn't like gym, leaving them in near-mint condition. They enjoyed some kind of brief renaissance as street-wear during my undergrad days, when I decided they were cool (they were also, at that point, a little small, but that only made them cooler to me).
Since then, they've been my painting shoes, my gardening shoes, my taking-out-the-garbage shoes, and more recently my basement shoes. Yes, basement shoes. If you have a dedicated pair of shoes just for use in the basement, it is probably a sign that you have too many shoes. So I'm going to say goodbye to these babies, even though I kind of still love them.

In fact it is interesting for me to reflect on the idea that the reason these have lasted so long is that I purchased them for gym class, which I really hated. I was so so bad at gym, and it perpetrated a long-standing personal myth about my athletic abilities and inclinations. I wonder if gym class is better these days at encouraging everyone to figure out their bodies and what works for them physically. For me it definitely wasn't volleyball or dodgeball or even high jump (the only time I ever won anything at track and field day was for high jump. I came in third! However there were only three participants.).  It always just seemed like a race for the finish, without the acknowledgement that everyone can get better at things they work at, and that not all physical activity is about winning. I hope that Heiko doesn't find his gym classes as dreadful as I did.

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